Small benefits

Wheedled uncopyedited advance reader of C from somewhat reluctant head buyer. Wanted to read it himself, but obliged to give over to the DBE. We shall see we shall see. (adswithoutproducts asks the necessary question:

“But what bothers me about his pronouncements here as elsewhere is that he never explains why we should make the turn that he is advocating. “We don’t want plot, depth or content: we want angles, arcs and intervals; we want pattern. Structure is content, geometry is everything.” OK, sure, a bit vague – actually really vague – but why do we want that? There seems to be an politics lingering behind these pronouncements, and to be clear no one’s asking for the novel of the future to maintain rigorous fidelity to some sort of vivid political rubric, but I still want to know what the use-value, however amorphous, of the changes that McCarthy proposes might be.”

In last semester’s American Lit, a girl confessed her art teacher’s reaction to the girl’s summary dismissal of all guidelines for projects (she would turn in blank canvases, occasionally with large angry blobs thrown on): This is wonderful, but I’d like you to show me that you can do the assignment within the specified parameters first.))


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